Setting Our Sights On Sustainable Development

    Every company that respects itself should respect the environment first.
    The fashion industry is often unfavourably targeted because of its unduly negative impact on the environment. The Forbes magazine reveals some disheartening evidence as fashion is responsible for 10% of all carbon emissions worldwide, thus being ranked second in the relevant scale of highly polluting industries after the oil one. Even the environmental toll of the creation of a t-shirt is immense as, in order to produce the cotton required for only one such garment, 2,700 litres of water are required.

    The environment taking Priority among responsible consumers

    With the systematic increase in responsible consumption over the last few years, the significance of protecting the environment seems to become part of consumer conscience, since buyers expect fashion companies to endorse improved policies of responsibility. While the economic and humanitarian crises have led to challenging institutions, businesses and brands alike, consumers use their preference modes in purchasing products to either acclaim or punish the relevant businesses accordingly. According to surveys, the Greek consumer is becoming more and more responsible by the year and deems the protection of the environment as the second most important point of reference that businesses are called upon to take a stand on.
    "Green Choices"

    Loyal to the wider philosophy of a modern and innovative brand, The Motley Goat systematically invests in the principles of sustainable development by endeavouring to minimise its environmentally unfriendly impact. Many of the The Motley Goat codes are created with organic cotton, while, at the same time, there is a distinct preference for natural raw materials with 90% of the products serving it. The Motley Goat also uses ecological printing colours and supports the restricted use of paper and plastic packaging by using dispatch packaging made of recycled paper.
    No stocking any more

    In the last few years there have been revealed some unorthodox and environmentally harmful ways of destocking on the part of big fashion houses. This is another field in which The Motley Goat innovates since its philosophy dictates the continuation of the previous designs season after season. While enriching its portfolio with prototypical new designs, it keeps reproducing its previous ones. In this way, nothing is wasted, stocked or discarded. Not to mention that retailers can sell The Motley Goat garments of previous seasons without being obliged to offer discounts on them.
    The Motley Goat offers one more reason to both retailers and consumers to choose it. It is a Greek brand with a solid concept and a consistent story to tell that keeps creating garments inspired by both the Greek tradition and modern reality with a humorous twist. It advocates sustainable development and builds up its responsible profile on the axis of environmental consciousness.
    By Katerina Valloyianni
    Translation by Maria Kavvalou


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