If you’re wearing a The Motley Goat t-shirt in winter as you read this, please take a bow ‘cause you’re a style inspiration to us all! No matter how you fashion tackle this, T-shirts are the #1 wardrobe staple in the world and you can almost always wear t-shirts in winter as well, particularly if you live in Greece. Have you noticed that? If they’re not in clear sight, you’re probably hiding them under a sweater.

    But why does everyone wear T-shirts in winter?

    • Easy layering tricks.
    • They keep us warm.
    • To show them off if the room gets too hot.
    • Simple vanity aka style purposes.
    • They’re a go-to, extremely easy to style item to no matter what else you have on.

    How to wear t-shirts in winter and actually show them off?

    It all depends on where you’re going and how cold it is, so it’s totally do-able if not actually a coveted look for the past few years. The ubiquity of t-shirts all year round is most likely due to the rise of sports wear as every daywear, and the rise of street-style-like-fashion. Everyone these days is aiming for a casual, relaxed, versatile kind of style, that’s easy to dress up or down, and shows that you made zero effort yet look like an Instagram star.
    The rise of airport style and travelling also took their toll on fashion overall, cause if you’re going somewhere chances of you having a t-shirt on, underneath or just in plain sight is as close to 100% as ever. So, here are some style tips on how to wear your favourite The Motley Goat t-shirt this winter.

    1. Style the t-shirt in winter with just a coat!

    This look is the classic simple winter street style look you see everywhere. What exactly do you wear and not freeze? The secret to nailing this casual but very chic style is to wear just the t-shirt with a very warm and thick coat on. You can keep the whole look more simple and laid back with sneakers or flat shoes. It’s also a great look if the winter ain’t so cold. Make sure you wear your favourite The Motley Goat t-shirts, some thin layered necklaces or statement earrings and loads of confidence!

    • jeans + The Motley Goat t-shirt + fur coat
    • check pants + white t-shirt + teddy coat
    • all black look with t-shirt + long coat
    • all white look with t-shirt + camel coat   

    2. Layer the t-shirt in winter with tons of clothes!

    This is pretty vague so basically you resort to cardigans, button downs, denim shirts, anything and everything that can stay un-buttoned in the front. To showcase that cool tee right? You get the idea: the more you have on, the more sophisticated you’ll look, just make sure you let a sneak peak into your tee situation.

    • t-shirt + unbuttoned denim shirt + jeans + sneakers
    • t-shirt + cardigan + coat
    • t-shirt + blazer + coat

    3. Sporty inspired look for The Motley Goat t-shirts in winter

    Think of going to the gym look without actually going to the gym. This is the perfect laid-back look. It involves leggings and zero effort and the key to this outfit is the mixture of styles. So wearing a big blazer over a gym outfit made up of a t-shirt and leggings looks sophisticated. Put a pair of sunglasses on, layer some thin necklaces or a tiny choker and a fanny pack and be prepared to rock it.

    • leggings + t-shirt + bomber jacket/puffer coat/coat/blazer/scarf
    • oversized t-shirts, more fitted styles, simple, or colourful/text/The Motley Goat t-shirts